We have opportunities for current students to support Teach For Ghana now. Become a Teach For Ghana Campus Ambassador and help us recruit highly-motivated students at your university, to become inspirational teachers and leaders who will work towards a day when all children will have access to an excellent education. Take the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and develop a host of new skills, all before you graduate. We offer flexible, part-time internships that fit around your studies.

Who is a Teach For Ghana Campus Ambassador?

Teach For Ghana Campus Ambassadors are dynamic, active and responsible students who play a vital role in our efforts to recruit graduates to join the Teach For Ghana Fellowship.

As a Campus Ambassador, you will lead and execute a campus-based recruitment strategy from your university, and help identify and build a pipeline of high-potential applicants for the Fellowship.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for current university students who share a commitment to our vision that one day, all children will have access to an excellent education and can demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively build relationships with a variety of stakeholders
  • Ability to work independently, in support of ambitious goals
  • Strong planning and organization skills
  • Creativity, versatility, perseverance and determination to succeed!

What do Campus Ambassadors do?

Campus Ambassadors support the Teach For Ghana Recruitment team by developing and implementing a campus recruitment campaign at their university. This will include:

  • Initiate, organise and lead Teach For Ghana events on your campus
  • Run high-visibility activities on campus to raise awareness of Teach For Ghana amongst your fellow students
  • Build strong relationships with a variety of stakeholders on campus, for example, student radio, professors, the careers service and large student societies
  • Recommend a target number of high-potential candidates for the Fellowship
  • To support you in this work you will receive ongoing training and support through regular contact with the Teach For Ghana Recruitment Team, and be connected with Campus Ambassadors from one of our global network partners to share learnings and build relationships.

Why become a Campus Ambassador? 

You will develop your communication, leadership and organization skills, practice innovation, develop marketing and brand management experience and grow your personal and professional network. The position will enhance your CV and provide valued experience to support future applications.  For students interested in applying for the Fellowship this role is an excellent opportunity to further develop your understanding of Teach For Ghana and support your Fellowship application. It’s a remarkable opportunity to learn, grow and be the change.

How to apply to be a Campus Ambassador?

Applications will be received on a rolling basis, with early applications strongly recommended. Please complete this form to apply for the position, if successful you will be invited to a short telephone interview to find out more about your experiences and motivation for the Campus Ambassador role.